COSFEST 2024 - Where Dreams Are Born

COSFEST 2024 : Where Dreams are Born
10 and 11 August 2024
Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Hall A
12pm to 8pm
Cosfest 2024 is taking place this year on 10 and 11 August 2024!
Organised by the Singapore Cosplay Club, join us for two days of stage performances, art and cosplay on the 10 and 11 August 2024.
Whether you are an artist, a cosplayer or a fan, this event is an exciting convention for you to hang out with your friends and family.
Programme and Highlights
Cosfest Grand Gala
Cosfest Stage Show
Art and Cosplay Booths
Event Exhibition
Event tickets are launched!
Cosfest 1 Day Ticket: $12
Cosfest Day 1 + Day 2 Combo: $22.00
The Cosfest Grand Gala is a special red carpet event at the entrance of Cosfest 2024 at Marina Bay Sands Hall A.
Taking place on the 10 August 2024, cosplayers are invited to join us for this special feature.
All characters must be from published Western/Japanese/Oriental animation, movies and games.
You must have an event ticket to enter the Cosfest Grand Gala.
To sign up, please click here:
You will be notified if your entry is confirmed in the Cosfest Grand Gala.

Cosfest Stage Show

bless4 and AMW will be coming to Cosfest 2024 : Where Dreams Are Born
bless4 is a bilingual chorus and dance group made up of the immensely creative and talented three siblings: AKINO, KANASA, and AKASHI.

In 2005, they sang the theme song for "Genesis of Aquarion," which reached Number 1 on the charts and sold over a million copies. They have also sung the theme songs for many other anime, including "Amagi Brilliant Park," "Kantai Collection," and the Disney anime "Stitch."

Bless4 enjoys a strong following overseas and has performed at many anime events in Europe and Asia.

Their multi-faceted talents have led them to provide music, choreography, event planning, idol training, and costume design as well as being highly respected artists in the performing world. You can look forward to meeting them at Cosfest 2024 : Where Dreams are Born.

bless4 will bring their merchandise for Cosfest, please stay tuned for merchandise updates!
General admission ticket holders will be able to access their performance.

First established in 2022, they are Kakio's first mixed-gender chorus dance group from Japan.

Blue: Satoru, Purple: Haruna, Pink: Natsuki will be joining us at Cosfest 2024 : Where Dreams are Born in Singapore.

They are official artists of Shimoaso's performing arts school ATHLETIC MUSIC and beloved disciples of bless4, famous for Genesis of Aquarion.

Their achievements include performing a cappella at events in Aso Ward such as kirara@Art Shin-Yuri 2023 and for the Philippine president's visit to Japan.
AMW has also traveled overseas to perform in Hong Kong.

General admission ticket holders will be able to access their performance.

With their colourful appearance, unique harmony, and outstanding energy, they are looking forward to bringing great entertainment to you at Cosfest 2024!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!